Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I got caught with my pants down! Well, not literally. Huz's co-workers came over this weekend. And I wasn't thinking at all. Because the next minute, Huz's co-worker said, "It's still Christmas?"

OMG! The friggin' Christmas tree was up...and still is. I forget that people don't usually keep their tree up until February. So I didn't even notice...didn't even really think about it. How embarrassing.

Then immediately after that I started looking at my house as an outsider. Suddenly, all the mess and the flaws were highlighted for me. Here are the thoughts that ran through my head:

Oh, God, the coffee table is covered with crap. We are pigs!

Ahhh! The dining room isn't furnished, and we've lived here for two years. They must think we are weirdos.

We don't have any paintings or pictures up. Our house must look so dull and uninviting. Ugh!

Oh, crap, I left my feminine napkins out in the bathroom.

Ewww, my turtle tank needs to be cleaned...badly.

I'm not usually conscious of these things. I come home and go about my business. I tidy up but only one in a while. We have been thinking about furnishing the dining room and decorating our house for months. Keyword is "thinking." We just haven't gotten around to it.

Huz's co-workers didn't even go in the basement or upstairs. Thank goodness. In the basement, they would find Huz's hockey gear spread out on the floor getting aired out. Upstairs, they'd find our third bedroom empty except for a shelf and random boxes. And there are clothes (mostly Huz's) all over the floor of the master bedroom. *sheepish*

Even though our house isn't perfect. I still love it here. I feel comfortable here. It's the home that I share with the man that I love. Yeah, it needs some improvement. Hopefully, it'll happen soon. But until then, I'll continue enjoying my Christmas tree way past Christmas.


Anonymous said...

You should have said "What! You don't have your 2010 Christmas tree up yet? Good one, Scrooge!"

That would have sufficiently put him in the defensive and put you on the offensive. Game. Set. Match.


Anonymous said...

You're not that strong. Cuz is stronger. Just sayin.


Anonymous said...

wtf...that second comment was meant for your post about being freakishly strong. get your blog working already. brains over bronze, she-hulk.


Tara said...

Haha! Why don't you just do it right!?! You called me she-hulk! How rude!

You should come up with comebacks for me all the time. I'm not good at them.

Laura said...

Haha. You really do need some art up. I'll start gathering my work and mounting it asap and have it all at your house by tonight. Okay! Seeyabyenow.

Laura said...

PS. I like how you said "feminine napkins." I giggle every time Mommy says it like that.

Just in case you missed it, I'm relating you to a 60-year-old woman.

Tara said...

Mom calls them "feminine napkins"?? Haha! You just totally made fun of our old mom. That's messed up!

Kate said...

Feminine napkins is genius!

Kate xx

Missy May said...

We have a turtle too! We named her Princess Zelda, after the Legend Of Zelda video game. What did you name your turtle?

Tara said...

Love the name of your turtle. Haha. My turtle's name is Wasabi. I had a pet fish named Sushi, but he died. But I still have my Wasabi.