Sunday, February 21, 2010

Funny Like HAHA!

Huz and I had an awesome date night. They are too few and far between, unfortunately. I was so proud of myself because: (1) I planned the whole thing, (2) we got out of the house, and (3) it was a success! We went out on the town, ate dinner, and caught a comedy show. We ate good food and laughed our ass off. So it was pretty much a perfect night.

I heard that John Heffron was in town and was performing at the local comedy club. We watched him on Last Comic Standing several years ago and really liked him. His jokes usually relate to relationships and marriage. Stuff we totally get. He is soooo funny. Love him. His jokes are so relatable. His jokes/observations are so true! He made this one joke that totally happened between me and Huz. Here is our real conversation:

Tara: You never ever refill the paper towels! I always have to do it. Who do you think refills it? Why do you think we never run out?

Huz: It's magic.

Heffron said his wife asked him the exact same question, and his answer was a magic elf. Haha! Hilarious. Check him out.
John Heffron - Stripper Dust
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We were also pleasantly surprised by the opening act, Ryan Hamilton. He reminds me of Seinfeld a little. He was so funny that I was worried that John Heffron won't be able to measure up. But both acts were so great. Check Ryan out.
Ryan Hamilton - White Chris Rock
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After the show, they were hanging around in the club. So I got pictures with them. Yay. I'm so cool!


Sarah P said...

I like John Heffron, too! I almost forgot about him, and thanks for linking to Ryan Hamilton. I'll check him out!
Yay for date night!

Tara said...

He's great, isn't he?? And such a sweetie too. You should check out his live show if you can.

Missy May said...

I love things that make me laugh!