Friday, February 19, 2010

Polka Dot Baby TV

I just finished my first assignment in my Words & Image class this semester. I had to create a cable station and make 5 logos, tying words and image together into one cohesive design. I like children so I made a station especially for them! Polka Dot Baby TV!

Enjoy!FYI: I draw all my designs myself onto Adobe Illustrator. No scanning, no tracing. :)

And the first two designs are no particular font. I drew the letters myself!


Fia_for_life said...

Hi, Im sorta new to blogging and I just have to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG, its halarious, but what I love the most is all the art, The graphic designs are fab and everything else is insanely cute. I am into art myself but i cant really compare ur ablilty to mine sooo yea

just wondering if u could check out my blog

yea im a actual friend of malou from "toasters and kangaroos" we go to skl together. So we are mostly into the same stuff blog wise

thanks :)

Missy May said...

Those are so nice! My little sister was playing on the computer and used Paint Software to draw a square with little circles inside it, she called it Polka Dot T.v!

Tina said...

Love it! It's all so adorable and I'm always amazed by your creations. I showed my hus some of your old stuff. He said it looked very professional and he was impressed.

R! said...

Come check out my blog:

Tara said...

Wow, I'm impressed that you did the letters yourself for the first two. I like the teddy bear one of the best. =)

malou said...

Awww, I love all of them!
Especially the last one. I like how the clown's head is the 'o'.

Are you attending University?
Seems like you're having fun if you are! I totally love all your designs and images and things. Also theat horse you made out of magic markers. That was quite amazing. :)

Love, Malou.

Sarah P said...

LOVE. Beautiful!