Sunday, February 7, 2010

This Blizzard Just Might Kill Me (Part 2)

Huz went away on his yearly snowboard trip and was supposed to be back home yesterday. His flight got canceled, and whenever he changed his flight, that would be canceled. So it was a nightmare.

In any case, I had to shovel our car out, so, when he did eventually come back, I could go pick him up from the airport. I WAS NOT looking forward to that part. I did not want to shovel snow by myself. But I didn't really have a choice.

So yesterday afternoon, after the snow finally stopped falling, I decided to get a head start with the task. Shoveling wasn't so bad because the snow was fluffy and not very hard to shovel. After a few minutes, I went to go back inside to get something.

That was when I realized the door was locked.

I effing locked myself out! No Huz. No car keys. No phone. I only had a friggin' shovel on me!!

How did I lock myself out?? I walked out the house and, out of habit, I turned the lock. It was the worst feeling in the world...realizing my mistake.

I felt like the stupid person in the world!

I started to panic. I couldn't help thinking about the direness of my situation. My husband wasn't around. I was by myself. The blizzard just ended, and there was no way a locksmith was going to be open. And if one were, it would take them hours to get to me. I never gave anyone an extra key just in case. If I wasn't crying, I would have been laughing.

Luckily, a neighbor was outside shoveling and lent me his phone. I called Tina. And started bawling. I am usually a strong person. But at that moment, I really did feel both helpless and hopeless. I didn't know what to do!

My neighbor probably thought I was a whack-a-doodle.

Tina felt so bad for me. She said she was coming to get me right away. Of course, she had to shovel her car out first, and that was going to take forever. And she had to brave the roads, which were probably not all plowed yet. Ugh!

Even though Tina was coming for me, I still had to try to find a locksmith. My neighbor had a yellow pages app on his iPhone. So I tried the first locksmith listed in my area. However, I really thought it was going to be hopeless. But I had to try.

The phone rang a couple times, and someone actually picked up! Couldn't believe it. I told him the situation and asked if he could come out that day. He responded that he just needed to dust off his car a little and should be over in 15 minutes. I couldn't believe my luck.

I was the luckiest unluckiest person ever! First losing my car and finding my car the night before. And then this.

While waiting for the locksmith to come, I continued shoveling, which is what I was going to do anyway. Before I was even finished, he came and let me in.

It was a hell of a weekend. But I came out unscathed...only just with a little less money in my pocket. But that's not bad at all. I can't complain.


Missy May said...

I think I would have died! I left an award for your blog on mine, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

independence fail


malou said...

Hahaha, you sound very dead.
I'm being extremely unoriginal by giving you a Kreativ Award on my blog for you just like Missy May. You totally deserve it though.

Love, Malou.

Tina said...

Huz should be back soon! Tara, never ever let him leave you! Tell him you're a mess without him. HAHA!

Tara said...

Missy May and Malou--Thanks again. You guys are awesome!

Cuz--You are not so awesome. I resent your statement! Yeah, I got myself in a few binds, but I got myself out of them. =p And I freakin' dug out two cars by myself. Booyah. Independence WIN, baby.

Tina--Huz is finally back and is never ever going away. I say I am independent, but it doesn't mean I don't need my Huz!

Vanessa said...

Well, now you have an excuse never to shovel ever again. Tell Huz that the experience was too traumatic :o)

Tara said...

Oh, don't worry. I told Huz all about it. He knows. Our neighbors felt bad when I was shoveling by myself. Now they know what a bad husband Huz is. ;)