Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Captain Hammer Is Super!

Haha! I hope you like my cheesy title. My topic is really Nathan Fillion, but I couldn't think of anything clever. =(

I just have to say Nathan Fillion is so awesome. Joss Whedon discovered him, so he must be talented. (Exception: Sarah Michelle Gellar can't play anyone but Buffy.) I hope Nathan Fillon makes it in show biz. He has already been in one TV show that was cancelled prematurely. Ahem, Firefly. You gotta watch it! So recently I followed him to this new show called Castle. I was really skeptical that it would be any good because it seemed like just another cop show. The series premeire was meh, but then he really shined in all subsequent episodes. He is so darn charming and funny. He made a regular cop show actually watchable. I don't know if Castle will be his big break. Can he keep it up? I hope so. Or if not, I hope his next TV show is as awesome as he is.


Laura said...

Oh, so Castle is pretty good? Interesting.

And don't you dare bash Sarah! She's awesome! And and and.. She was good in... uh.. Scooby-Doo!!! Jk, i looked it up. She's just finished a movie and two others are in production. I hope she gets big again!

(I accidentally posted as Tara. My bad.)

Tara said...

I am just as disappointed that Sarah Michelle Gellar sucks in everything she is in except for Buffy. Maybe she just needs a new agent that will get her good roles. Because all her movies suck big time.