Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Peanut Butter and Jam Joke on HIMYM

Because Alyson Hannigan just gave birth, the show had to find a way to explain her absence from the show. What they ended up doing was pretty genius and funny. Last night's episode started off with the guys, Ted, Marshall and Barney, laughing about a joke. In walks Lily. Barney wants to share the joke with her, but Ted and Marshall warn that she won't like it because it's a boy joke, meaning it's really really dirty. Barney tells her the joke anyway, asking "what is the difference between peanut butter and jam?" Older Ted is doing the voiceover and thus won't repeat the punchline. Lily is horrified and refuses to be in their presense for the next four weeks. Haha! I thought it was effective and made sense too.

I found out what the punchline is. It is soooooo dirty. But I will not repeat it here. =p Who do you think I am?

Other highlights from the episode (Spoiler Alert!):
- How Barney confessed to Marshall that he loves Robin: "I...wait for it...am...wait for it...in...wait for it...love...wait for it...with...wait for it...a...wait for it...certain..." So stinkin' cute!
- Marshall told Barney that Lily and he would sit on the same side of the booth, so Barney and Robin could sit together. Barney's reaction was "awwww..." That was what I was thinking.


Chris said...

Yay! I thought that it was genius as well. And because of you, I looked up that joke. You're dirty!!!

Did you notice how pregnant Robin looked?!?!?

Tara said...

Hi, Chris! Thanks for commenting. I was hoping the Star Trek post would lure you. Hehe. Let me comment on all your comments here in one place.

Robin does look totally pregnant. They should do a little more blockage.

I'll go to the Star Trek movie with you. It looks really good. Vanessa is a total noob!

I love Heidi Klum! She is so crrrraaazzzy! The other people on that show were okay. And I felt bad when people had no idea who they were. Hehe.

Tara said...

It's all Laura's fault. She told Tina the peanut butter and jam joke, and now Tina won't hang around us anymore. Tina said "I'm a mother and will not subject mine ears to your filth." It was quite a scene.