Thursday, April 9, 2009

Superman Returns: The Good and the Bad

I stayed up kinda late last night watching Superman Returns. I am on the borderline of liking it and not. I hate when movies that have so much potential can get screwed up. An example is Spiderman III. Don't get me started. Hello, can you say silver platter?!? Yet these movies continue to be bad bad bad. Well, Superman Returns really falls right there in the middle. The biggest problem with Superman Returns is that it's kinda boring...two and a half hours of snoresville. Another problem is that it was a continuation of Superman IV that was made almost a decade ago. No one remembers it unless you are a comic book fiend. So instead of watching with a clean slate, you have to watch the movie with so many preconceptions. The glaring one is that Superman and Lois Lane were once in love. I didn't get that from the just had to know the back story.

Anyhow, there are gems here and there like the CGI and James Marsden. The number one for me is Superman himself. Brandon Routh is really the perfect Superman...he looks like Christopher Reeves for goodness' sake. I remember when I first saw the commercial for it, and I remarked who is that hottie mchottie?!? His Superman impression is pretty good--stone-faced, reserved, stoic. You may call that bad acting. But that's Superman, so it really worked for me. And even though he was emotionless, he exuded's no wonder Lois Lane fell in love with him. And so did I...


Laura said...

He's like that in real life. There was a lot of big actors going for the part but they hired this nobody because he was bumbling and nervous and spilled his coffee all over the place.

The main three bad things about this movie to me was:
1. Kevin Spacey sucked. He's the worse Lex Luthor I've ever seen.
2. Superman was soooo weak! He didn't have strong character or will. He just sucked.
3. Superman with a son?! HELLO. That's never ever happened in the comics!

You didn't tell everyone that they're making a new one because this one sucked. It's like the same mistake they made with Hulk.

Laura said...

Well, actually I heard they were remaking it. I'm not positive...

Tara said...

I guess I was just done in by his good looks. ;)

You know everyone says that Kevin Spacey was the best part of the movie. You are just a Spacey hater!! Hater Hater!

I think this movie came straight out of the comic, Laura!! Get your facts or comic facts straight!!

And yeah, they are making another Superman, but I doubt it is a remake of Superman Returns. That would be stupid.

Man, your friggin' comment was long!

Laura said...

Haha. It is kind of a remake. Just like Hulk. They're remaking it cause it sucked. It's not neccessarily going to follow the sme story line though.

Laura said...

Fine, he did have a son. But his son wasn't supposed to be born with powers! They were supposed to manifest when he's older (which Superman is still supposed to be absent during this time) during a solar flare.


Tara said...

Shabam? I think BOOYAH has a better effect.