Friday, April 10, 2009

I Get That A Lot: An April Fool's Special

On April 1st, CBS aired a one-time special called I Get That A Lot. Celebrities like Heidi Klum act like regular people working regular jobs. When people recognize them, they would feign a case of mistaken identity, repeatedly saying the line, "I get that a lot." The show was pretty cute and funny. The segment with Heidi Klum was my favorite. She is so cute and actually pretty hilarious. She was totally messing with people. One moment she was making googly eyes at some guy who eventually gave her his number. The next moment, she got this guy to say that she is thinner than Heidi Klum. Haha!

Other celebrities on the show were Jessica Simpson, Jeff Probst, Mario Lopez, LeAnn Rimes and Ice T. I thought they were all charming and likeable on the show. The concept is the same as Punk'd, I suppose. I thought Punk'd really showed the true colors of some celebrities. However, in this show, the celebrities are the ones in control of the situation and don't end up looking like dopes in the end.

I know this post is kinda 10 days too late. But I just had a chance to catch it online yesterday. You can see the entire episode on

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Chris said...

I thought the Heidi Klum one was kinda funny but I hated this show!!! It was an hour of them saying that they weren't them, and then at the end they were like "Surprise! We're actually them!"

I though Heidi Klum was the best one because I think only like one person figured it out and she was being CRAZY!!

Why you's the 2 sisters now? Did you tell the peanut butter and jam joke and one of you left for 4 months?