Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Laura's Version of Robin's "Too Young for This Stuff" List

1. Wipe the kids' butts
2. Have the kids accidentally calling me "Mommy" (shudder)
3. Be sick of amusement parks
4. Be in love with celebs that are the same age as my sisters

4/1/09 Update by Tara:
Laura did not watch Monday's episode of How I Met Your Mother, so I will explain where this version of the list came from. Ted came up with the Murtaugh list and said he was too old for this sh...stuff. So Barney took it upon himself to do everything on the list in 24 hours. Then Robin came up with the "too young for this stuff" list, and Barney challenged Ted to complete it. Turns out that Ted makes a great "old man." It was easy for him to eat dinner at 4pm, sleep at 8pm, and take too long to pick up the phone. Haha! Anyway, it was a pretty funny episode.

I noticed how short Laura's list is. It's because she is too friggin' young to do a lot of things. Did I mention that I hate Laura? ;)


Tara said...

Oh, and I forgot to comment on your list. What is wrong with celebs that are our age? We are NOT that old! =p We're not like 50 years old or something.

Laura said...

Yeah, but I still have the hope that they will fall in love with me also, so it is gross! They're in their 30s! But I guess I wouldn't complain. Hehe.

Ohh Tom Welling..