Monday, April 6, 2009

Why Are Actors in Animated Films?

I've watched animated movies and sat there trying to pinpoint a voice. There's Artie from Shrek III who turned out to be Justin Timberlake and Chicken Joe from Surf's Up whose voice was Jon Heder's. Okay, I watch a lot of animated movies. And Justin Timberlake is not an actor. I admit it.

But I still want to ask when and why did actors start "acting" in animated movies? I don't understand why it is necessary. Do actors tied to movies really get more kids to watch? More adults? Are they any better than voice actors? I doubt it. I remember the days when Disney movies were actually drawn and when you didn't recognize the voices from somewhere else. I kinda liked it that way. I think it all started with Aladdin with Robin Williams as the voice of the Genie. Then it became the trend--JTT and Whoopi Goldberg in Lion King and Mel Gibson in Pocahontas. Now, it has become the standard.

I feel bad for all of those voice actors who are now out of work. That's messed up. Actors should just stick to feature films and leave well enough alone.


Laura said...

Yeah, I agree. But then again I understand an actor might want to be a voice in an animated film cause its fun and stuff. If I was an actor I would want to do that too. And I'm sure it's definitely easier to do than if you were a nobody.

But yes, it is pointless. Knowing the actor does kinda take away from the character because you picture the actor's face with the character and it sorta takes away some of the magic.

Tara said...

Haha! I was still in the middle of posting/editing when you commented. =)

Actors get to do enough stuff!! That's all I gotz to say.

Vanessa said...

I know!! It's like how actors want to be singers and singers want to be actors. Hello... leave some jobs for the rest of us :oP

Tara said...

That is exactly my point! I was going to post about how actors were taking over everything like commercials, musicals and animated movies. You get me, get me!