Thursday, April 16, 2009


I got Partini for my last birthday and I really like it. It sounds like a drinking game, but it's not. The added "ini" is very misleading. It's just a party game.

This game centers around 6 basic games. 'What not' is like Taboo except you have to describe the word saying what it is not. 'Mime Twist' is charades. In 'Hum Punch,' you hum a song and your team guesses. 'Clay Smoothie' you mold the word with clay to get your team guessing. 'Straight Up' is fun. Whoever's turn it is, rolls a dice that says things like: 'I like...', 'I want..', 'I am..', etc. Everyone else has to finish that sentence for the roller as best they can. Then the roller has to pick their two favorite. If they pick someone in their team, they get the point. Then there is 'Bouncers.' This game involves 2 balls and 5 cups. There are all different Bouncers games, but they all involve bouncing the ball.

I recommend this game for adults who have a lot of parties or get-togethers at their house. This game has a few bad words in it, so I'm serious when I say it's only for adults!!


Tara said...

You're a partini head.

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