Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Craiglist Is Evil

Craigslist has spawned a murderer. Have you been following the bizarre story of the Craigslist murders? For some reason, I found it really disturbing (and not just for obvious reasons). This guy was going around answering craiglist ads by women for erotic massages (and we all know what I means). When he meets them, he would tie them up and rob them. One woman tried to fight back and ended up dead. The most creepy part about this is the suspect, Philip Markoff. He is a normal looking guy. He is 22 and a second year med student at Boston University. He is engaged to be married in August. His fiance was defending him to the press, calling him a "beautiful person" and saying he would never hurt a fly. Then more details were uncovered. The police traced emails back to him and found duct tape, restraints and a semi-automatic in this house. They also disclosed that a possible motive is a gambling problem. The police and district attorney are calling him a predator and describing his crimes as brutal, savage and vicious.

You really shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Cliche, I know, but still relevant and true. For a picture of the guy and the latest news, click here. I rather not put a picture of him on this blog because it's creepy.

Oh, and Craigslist should really monitor their ads better. I've read plenty of news stories of people using Craigslist for crimes. So beware of Craigslist! It's evil!


Laura said...

Jeez, Tara. How do you know all this stuff?! Do you read MSN news or something?

Tara said...

It's called the news, Laura. =p I try to keep up with current events.

Vanessa said...

I like to get my news from two line tidbits via my Google Desktop Toolbar. It makes me sound like I'm to date with stuff. But most of the time I don't read the full article. It's like "Cliff Notes" for current events!

Laura said...

Haha. That's even worse than cliff notes. It's like cliff notes for cliff notes.