Monday, April 20, 2009

Moonlight Starring Alex O'Loughlin and Jason Dohring

Like all Veronica Mars fans, I love Logan Echolls. At first he seemed like just another bad boy. Then you find that he has layers and depth. And he can love with so much passion...sigh. I was sad when I was done watching the third and final season. So I had to know where I can get some more Logan, I mean Jason Dohring, the actor. And I heard that he was on some vampire show called Moonlight. It had already been canceled by the time I found out about it. However, they were able to complete a season before it got the ax, and the episodes are currently rerunning on the SciFi channel. Woot woot for me. So I followed to the canceled show.

Moonlight is friggin' awesome except for the fact that Dohring is hardly in it. But then I discovered a new love, Australian actor Alex O'Loughlin. The premise of the show isn't very original. It is about a vampire who is also a private detective. Sound familiar? Angel, maybe. And for some reason, the usual rules of vampires don't even apply. In Moonlight, they can walk around in the sun, which causes them only minor discomfort. Stakes in the heart don't kill them, only paralyze them. The main character, Mick played by O'Loughlin, is not even very pale...he always has a nice tan. So why do I like the show? Although it seems like just another vampire show, the storyline of each episode is interesting and entertaining. And you can't help but like Mick. I think CBS realized that they found a star in O'Loughlin and signed a long term contract with him after Moonlight was canceled. So I'll be seeing him in another show. Oh, and I will follow him...there is no doubt about that.


Laura said...

I <3 Logan also. Yeah, he's pretty good. I think he should be i more stuff!

Which reminds me, did you see the part they made of veronica mars season 4?! Yeah, I'm glad they didn't sign that because I wouldnt want to watch that!

Tara said...

I totally agree!! I am actually glad they didn't do a season 4 after watching that preview. TERRIBLE IDEA!! It would have ruined VM forever. You know they are doing a VM movie, right?