Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coach Maggie Collection

Meet Maggie, my bag.

I am the type who uses one handbag for every day and every occasion. And I use it for a long, long time until it is either worn out or I am sick of it. I usually go for the casual and plain styles, so it will always match my outfit and work in any season. A few years ago, I bought my first bag from Coach. It was brown and had the Cs all over it. I really liked it at the time. Then recently, I decided I didn't like brown anymore and am more into black and gray. Laura held her tongue when she started noticing that I never ever matched my bag. Hehe. So I finally went shopping for a new one. But damn I didn't realize how expensive designer bags can be. (Yeah, I know nothing about brands or designers.) I set $500 as my budget, and it was still way too low. I wanted to try another brand since Coach is so overdone these days. However, after seeing obscenely pricey bags after another, I found myself back at Coach. Laura was helping me pick one out and found a gray Maggie for me. It was under my budget, different from my old one...and it was gray. I love gray. It is nice and big, so I can fit anything and everything in it. I do have a few complaints though. The leather is too thick, so it can get kinda heavy at times. Also, the two straps are wide and thick, so one always slips off my shoulder. Otherwise, my Maggie is just right.


Laura said...

You can't complain about Maggie's rather wide hips and chubby skin then tell her you love her! It's just not right... Apologize at once!

Tara said...

Sorry, Maggie. I love you for you...despite your flaws.