Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

So last night at midnight, it was opening night for the new Harry Potter movie! I was pretty excited. We weren't able to watch it in IMAX, because it comes out June 29th. So we settled for watching it in a regular theater.

In the past, I've judged the Harry Potter films pretty harshly, I'd have to say. I just stand by the fact that the books are better. Other than that, this movie changed my opinion of the Harry Potter films. It's the best one by far. The graphics were great and the acting was great. (Yes, it took 6 films for the actors to learn to act, but they achieved it eventually!)

(Spoiler Alert!)
However, in my mind, there are two major parts of the film that were done slightly differently, and changed the feel of that particular scene:
1. The scene where Ginny kisses Harry was done completely differently. In the book, Harry sees Ginny and just walks right up to her and "snogs" her. In the movie, Ginny and Harry are in the Room of Requirement to hide The Half Blood Prince's potions book so no one can find it again. Ginny tells him to close his eyes and she kisses him and then disappears. I like the way the book had it more, because Harry seems a little gutless and Ginny seems way too seductive for my taste.
2. There is a small difference in the end scene where Dumbledore is killed. In the book, it takes place in Dumbledore's office and Harry is hiding behind a curtain. Harry is unable to save Dumbledore, because he had placed a binding curse on Harry. In the movie, Harry is a floor below, and nothing stops him from saving Dumbledore besides his promise to Dumbledore that he would not act. Again, the movie makes Harry seem like a pansy.

Other than these scenes, some things in the film were too downplayed compared to the book. Take the fight between Ron and Hermoine for example. In the book, these two screamed at each other and wouldn't speak for ages. But in the movie, Hermoine seems to be the only one angry and Ron seems clueless.

But all in all, I loved the movie. A lot of the scenes amazed me, because it was like it was taken right out of my imagination!

I give it 4.8 stars!

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Tara said...

You finally liked one of the Harry Potter movies!! You have to give the other ones a chance, man.