Friday, July 3, 2009

Role Models

I saw Role Models written by and starring Paul Rudd. He is so funny. I don't get why it took him so long to finally break out. That being said, the movie was okay...sorta funny. I am blogging about it because of its funny quotes. Part of the movie is about some nerdy kid who participates in live action role playing (LARP). It is like dungeons and dragons but in real life. People dress up in costumes and engage in a similated war. In the movie, these people are so into LARP that they talk kinda they do in the medieval times. The people of LARP often make sexual innuendos without even knowing it. I have to admit that I giggled every time. Hehe. The funny thing was Paul's reaction to them. He was always the only one who noticed. Hilarious.

"I shall approach him from the rear."

"I will not let you penetrate me again."

"Now let us gingerly touch our tips. " - Referring to touching swords before the battle.

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