Sunday, July 19, 2009

WTF Moment

This past weekend, we 3 sisters enjoyed a rare girls' day out. Basically, that just means we didn't have the little ones with us. We decided to shop and go to the beach. Tina actually bought some stuff...poor girl never gets to go shopping. However, she just can't get away from the color green--it's her favorite. Laura and I are trying to get her to branch out. Slowly but surely, I guess. After that we had an early dinner and set off to the beach. The day was going great. At the beach, Laura waded in the water while we watched from the shore. (It was ice cold...brrrr...) We huddled together on beach towels and chatted about random stuff, made fun of each other, and just enjoyed the company...the usual. Then Laura wanted to find the perfect shell for her boyfriend. So we went searching. Then the grossest thing happened to me...ever!! I stepped in something while walking. It was something mushy and got right between my toes. I was wiggling them to get whatever it was out. When that didn't work, I used my fingers. And found out it was gum!! I started squealing uncontrollably.!! How can you spit out gum at the beach?!? People walk barefoot there! It was recently chewed, so it was incredibly sticky and hard to get out. I had to walk around with some leftover gum residue between my toes all night until I got home. That was in someone else's mouth...chewed up and spittle-y. Yuck!!

I have stepped on too much gum in my life. (But never barefoot until yesterday.) So you people out there who leave your gum just anywhere...someone always steps in it. And somehow it always ends up being me! Be kind, please keep that in mind. Thank you.


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I guess I'm used to stepping on sticky stuff at my house. T=) Tara squealed and squealed. Yeah, it was pretty gross.