Wednesday, July 22, 2009


On the recommendation of Laura, I read Inkheart. See her earlier post. I think she kinda oversold it for me. I was expecting something over the top awesome--excitement at every turn and fantasy beyond anything I've ever read. Well, it was more subtle than that...meaning it was a bit slow. Tina didn't even get through it. Sorry, Laura. However, I did finish Inkheart and had already bought the sequel, Inkspell. I always need a book on hand because I travel quite a bit for work. So I said what the hey, I'm already invested in the trilogy.

Inkspell was a lot more exciting and interesting than the first book. A lot more is happening, and the characters actually go to another world. I love that in a book...take me somewhere I've never been. That's why I love Harry Potter and Twilight. I get a glimpse of a world different from my own. My world is boring without magic, mythical creatures, castles and wizards. Yeah, it sucks! Haha.

[Spoiler Ahead!]
A year has passed since Inkheart, and Meggie and her family are content with their life. However, it is soon spoiled when someone from their past shows up with a plan to enter the book. Meggie had become obsessed with Inkheart and wanted to go to Inkworld. Soon they find themselves in the book. However, the world is not like how it was written and instead has changed for the worse. With Meggie's talent with the spoken word, they have to find their happy ending. Also, there is a major cliffhanger at the end. So of course, I must read Inkdeath. It's a fun trilogy if you are looking for a fantastical book about interesting characters with a unique story.


Laura said...

Im gunna oversell you, bihotch!

Tara said...

LOL. You stupid.