Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What I Loved and Didn't Love About Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Unlike Laura, I liked every one of the Harry Potter movies. However, I totally agree with her that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was the best...by far. See her earlier post. The movie was like how I imagined it and more. The other Harry Potter movies changed too much of the book, but I felt like the 6th one was more true to the book. During the movie, I was thinking "I can't wait to watch this again." Afterwards, I couldn't shut up about how awesome it was. Oh, I have a new favorite character too. I heart Slughorn! But I still love Bellatrix Lestrange who I fell in love with from the last Harry Potter movie.

[Spoilers Ahead]

Likes (more like loves):
10. The exchange between Harry and Professor Flitwick in the beginning--"No exceptions...Potter!" Haha!
9. The actor who plays Dumbledore was really good in this one. I didn't really like him in the other movies.
8. The scene with the unbreakable vow
7. Ron under a love spell
6. I loved the scenes between Harry and Hermione. They are really two true friends.
5. The scene where Harry was force feeding Dumbledore the water. I wanted to cry!
4. Ron at the Quidditch try-outs. Haha!
3. Slughorn
2. Harry on liquid luck--he was like buzzed or something. So hilarious.
1. I just loved everything about the scene where Dumbledore and Harry go to get the horcrux in the cave...starting from the scene where they are standing at the top of a huge rock surrounded by tidal waves and ending with the fiery escape. It was how I imagined it in my head but better.

Update 7/31/09: I totally remembered two more likes. One, Luna Lovegood. I did not fully appreciate her in the last movie, which was regrettable and will be fixed after I watch the 5th movie again. I liked the parts where she found Harry on the train and when she went to Slughorn's holiday party with Harry--her only two big scenes actually. Hehe. Two, I loved sleeping Dumbledore in the painting at the end of the movie! Awesome detail!

10. No Dursleys
9. Draco Malfoy was meh...
8. Seductive Ginny. Laura pointed this out in her post.
7. Harry hitting on the waitress in the beginning--random, out of character and pointless.
6. Harry was supposed to figure out what Malfoy was up to.
5. No Defense Against the Dark Arts classes. Snape finally gets the job he has coveted most, but the movie didn't really make a big deal about it.
4. The Burrow burning down--that never happened.
3. Wizards using the wands like guns! Come on! The fight scene between Harry and Malfoy was ridiculous. They have to speak their spells.
2. Deatheaters cannot fly!
1. They took out the fight scene from the end. Like Tina pointed out to me, there was no point to the Deatheaters coming through the vanishing cabinet.


Laura said...

Yes, all very true. But I thought the Burrow did burn down!

And I thought this one changed more than the other movies did. People are kinda annoyed about it.

I loved how this one was so funny. :)

Tara said...

I don't know about changing things. But I felt the movie included more stuff. What are people annoyed about?

I don't think the Burrow burned down. Did it? I am reading the 7th book, and the Burrow is still intact.

Tara said...

Oh, and I can't believe you agree with my lists! Haha! I am good.

Patrick Ho said...

"They took out the fight scene from the end. Like Tina pointed out to me, there was no point to the Deatheaters coming through the vanishing cabinet. "

Totally agree...

The thing I hated most was the scene of Harry watching Dumbledore die. In the book, he was kind of paralyzed by Dumbledore. Then he was hidden and was forced to watch the whole thing without being able to do a thing. In the movie, he watched it happened and he could've done something, but he waited until Snape is out of the castle to even do anything. The drama and hatred of Harry is not as strong in the movie as it is in the book.

Tara said...

Yeah, at the end, Tina kept saying that Harry was supposed to be stupified. I actually forgot about that part. Yeah, why'd they take that out? Harry would have done anything to save Dumbledore even if he told him to hide. Harry is not that obedient.