Saturday, March 14, 2009

Disney Ads By Annie Leibovitz

Photographer Annie Leibovitz is most known for her portraits of celebrities on the cover of Vanity Fair. You probably never heard her name before but would recognize her sometimes controversial photos. She is the one who shot the famous picture of Demi Moore naked and pregnant back in 1991. More recently, in April 2008, she did the cover of Vogue with Gisele Bundchen and LeBron James. People thought it looked like King Kong and thought it was racist. Pretty ridiculous. She also photographed Miley Cyrus covered in just a sheet, or at last, that's what it looked like. And that caused a whole fuss, as you can imagine.

She has actually shot G-rated pictures for Disney. She shot various celebrities in beautiful ads inspired by Disney movies. Here are a few I really like:

Rachel Weiss as Snow White

Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella

Zack Efron and Vanessa Hudgens as Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip

The funniest picture of them all is the one for Peter Pan. Tina Fey is in it! She is awesome!

Where is she, you ask? She is Tinkerbell! Haha! Hilarious. Here is a close-up:

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Laura said...

My favs are Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, although I pointed out to Tara that sleeping beauty is blonde...

The Peter Pan one is horrible! They don't even look like they're interacting in the same scene. It looks like they took photos of each of the celebs and photoshopped then together! Wendy's pose is ridiculous. She's supposed to be a surprised, delighted little girl! Terrible.

PS. Tina Fey is so silly!