Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Rock Obama

I happened to catch SNL last night, and I don't usually watch SNL. But I saw that The Rock was hosting. I love him. I've seen him host SNL before, and he is actually really funny. And last night's episode was no exception. He had a few great skits. The Rock Obama was hilarious. The skit started off with President Obama in the oval office right before he was to meet with Geithner, Clinton and McCain. Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, played by Andy Samberg (check out Laura's blog about him) wants Obama to get angry, which Obama refuses to do. During the meeting, after one to many quips from his advisors, President Obama gets really angry and tranforms into The Rock Obama. The Rock does a great Obama impression. And he does look like a hulk-like version of Obama. See the picture. So friggin' funny.


vanessa said...

hey i posted a comment here last night.. where is it? anyway, it was something about how just cuz of your blog now I have to look up 'RockObama' on youtube, watch the last episode of 'Girls Next Door' and google information on 'Scientology'. Thanks for helping me spend more time online. I needed that :oP

Tara said...

Haha! Sorry. I can't help that our blog is a plethora of interesting information...that you just can't help exploring further. You should also youtube the Hawaiian hotel skit with The Rock. Hilarious and coincidentally suiting for you. =)