Saturday, March 14, 2009

Carmen's Art

Tina and the kids came over Tara's house today for a dinner redo for my birthday, because last time we didn't have time for dinner and ended up getting dinner at a sucky pizza place.

Anyway, I was doing homework on Adobe and using a drawing pad. It's a fun tool so I told Tina and Tara to play with it too. Of course Carmen saw it and wanted to use it too. She drew a cute picture on paint, and she didn't use an eraser or anything, because I was too lazy to teach her how.

Know who it is? It's me! Haha. It's funny she remembers I have freckles. Because they're so faint, even I forget about them. I thought it was pretty cute, and I was impressed she was so quick to master the drawing pad.

Here's her drawing. Enjoy! I know Carmen enjoyed looking at it after she was done. We heard her burst out laughing from the living room. Hehe. She's cute.


Tara said...

Carmen is the funniest little girl ever! I love her! Her picture is adorable, of course. And Laura forgot to mention that Carmen didn't know how to use the eraser, so the drawing was done without any mistakes! How awesome is that?

Laura said...

I actually already added that in the blog, nub.