Friday, March 13, 2009

I Am Not Ashamed to Say That I Like iCarly

You might not have ever heard of the show called iCarly especially if you're not a parent and don't have Nickelodeon on 24/7. My girls and I were watching "Drake and Josh" for the longest time until we must have watched every show at least three times. Well, in "Drake and Josh" they had a little sister, and now the actor who plays her has her own show called "iCarly." "iCarly" is about the lives of three junior high kids and their web show called iCarly. Yeah, I know the show is for little kids and might sound a little corny, but it reminds me of shows back in the day. The days when we had TGIFridays and Urkel was on TV. If Urkel's not your cup of tea, then Screech. I'm glad that nowadays there are still some TV shows that can be considered wholesome and fun. Hopefully my kids will watch them before they become teenagers trying sneak into Rated R movies.

Note from Tara and Laura: Tina has forced us to post this blog that she drafted almost a month ago.

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Laura said...

This is a test. We are counting the amount of time it takes Tina to realize we posted her old draft. Muhaha. Then we'll know the full extent of Tina's suckyness.