Monday, March 2, 2009

Restaurant Empire

I love computer games like Restaurant Empire. It's not too difficult and complicated. I grew up in a time when games were simpler--when Tetris was the big thing and when Mario could move only to the left or right. So I never got the hang of the games of today. However, I love games like Sims and Zoo Tycoon. And anything dealing with cooking is cool. So Restaurant Empire fits all of my criteria in a game. And it was only $6.99 at Target! In Restaurant Empire, you just follow the storyline and work at beating levels in the game. And each level is harder than the next but not that difficult that you'll be completely stuck. The premise of the game is basically what it is called--you have to build your own empire of restaurants, which includes managing restaurants and opening new ones. I was playing this game yesterday for more hours than I care to admit. My excuse is that my husband is out of town, and I have nothing to do. I guess I could have attempted to clean the house and do something productive. On second thought...yeah right.


Laura said...

I think you just secretly wish you managed restaurants. Maybe you can open one when you're rich and it'll be like a rich woman's toy.

Isn't that from a movie?

Tara said...

Yes, you got me. I wish I was a culinary master and owned my own restaurant.

You think everything is from a movie!

Laura said...