Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

It became official Monday! Jimmy Fallon took the reigns from Conan O'Brien, because Conan was taking over The Tonight Show on account of Jay Leno's retirement. (I'll totally miss him!)

Jimmy answers what draws him to being a talk show host:
"With movies, you kind of work for six months, and then it takes another six months to release the movie, and then people go, 'That's not that good,'" Fallon said. "With live TV and 'Saturday Night Live,' it's immediate reaction. You find out if a joke stinks immediately. ... If it's funny, they'll laugh, and if not, you've got to go right to the next joke. It's immediate, and there's no chance of getting depressed and applying for 'Celebrity Rehab.' You've just got to get over it quicker -- you've still got a show to put on, and you've got to come back ready for the next joke."

Jimmy was obviously very nervous during his big debut, but his ratings were pretty high. I found this funny tidbit:

As Jimmy Fallon prepared to debut as host of NBC's "Late Night," he found his predecessor, Conan O'Brien, in his dressing room, still packing up.

"I'm about to start my first show," Fallon told him eagerly.

"Oh, is that tonight?" O'Brien replied. "I was gonna TiVo it, or something."

I missed the first show, but I caught it on Tuesday. Tina Fey was the first guest, and the two were very chummy. They shared some funny memories from their SNL times together, and Jimmy showed funny pictures of bad hair styles throughout their time together on "Weekend Update." There was a cute moment later when Jon Bon Jovi, the second guest, admitted the fantasies he had about Tina Fey, and she did a cute, awkward not-so-sexy "sexy dance" for laughs. During the dance, Jimmy averted his eyes uncomfortably and said something like, "No! She's like my sister!"

Jimmy was pretty funny on Late Night. He does have big shoes to fill, but I'm confident the show will get better.

Catch it every Monday to Friday at 12:37pm!
Conan should be starting The Tonight Show soon, which airs right before Late Night at 11:37pm.


Tara said...

I've been meaning to catch it. I loved Jimmy Fallon on SNL. He was actually one of my favorites. His movie career kinda floundered, but maybe he'll be great as a late night talk show host.

Laura said...

I loved Taxi though! It was corny but it was hilarious! Does anyone agree? Was it just me? :[