Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Girls Next Door Season 5 Finale

One of my guilty pleasures is The Girls Next Door. I heard that all three girls broke up with Hugh Hefner, and I was really curious to know what the heck happened. Although their relationship is strange on many levels, I guess I just accepted as it was--something that worked for them. Now I've been completely thrown for a loop. "The Girls Next Door" have moved out of the Playboy Mansion and broke up with Hef. On top of that, Kendra is currently engaged, and Holly, Hef's former first girlfriend, had been going out with Chriss Angel (btw, ewwww). And Hef already has new girlfriends--twins. Double ewwww.

I was interested to see the season finale. So I actually DVRed it and watched it last night. It was such an odd episode. It started off with Kendra breaking the news to her family that she was thinking of moving out of the Mansion and that she met someone. Her family seemed genuinely concerned and stunned. My reaction she really doing this on TV?? Then Kendra told Holly and Bridget, supposedly for the first time. There was some uncomfortable group crying. The most awkward movement of all was when Kendra broke up with Hef with a camera person in the same room! These moments seemed so private but were completely awkward on TV.

I actually felt bad for Hef for a second. The poor old man was getting dumped by his 23-year-old girlfriend on national television. The sad thing was when he kept saying how he was all alone. Then at the very end of the episode, Hef was hosting movie night at the Mansion, and the twins walked in and asked him if the seats next to him were taken. There was some major fake giggling. The last scene was of the outside of the mansion and included a voiceover of Hef saying "I'm back in the game." I didn't like the episode at was just weird.

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Laura said...

Aw man! I was meaning to catch that episode! Wow, everything you just said was basically on the commercial for it. I guess I don't really need to catch it after all. Thanks for the summary!