Sunday, March 29, 2009

Twilight the Movie

I am thirty years old, and I love Twilight (the book). There I said it. I read Twilight for the first time several years ago at my little sister's insistence. I remember the night I sat down to read it. I didn't sleep until 2-3am because I couldn't put it down. I had work the next day, but I didn't care. The book was so enthralling from the beginning to the end. And I am a big sucker for romances...especially those that are epic and undying. I know--gag. Everyone probably knows the basic premise of the book (unless you've been living under a rock for the past year), so I won't bore you with the details.

I saw the Twilight movie on DVD last night. It was my second time watching it. The first time was in the theater with Tina and Laura, both huge fans. It was definitely more enjoyable the first time because I didn't know what to expect and it was new and exciting. I remember giggling like a school girl every time Edward came on the screen. Yeah, it was pretty sad. Laura surprisingly wasn't gushy at all. She actually hates the actor who plays Edward. (I don't think any actor can live up to the Edward that Laura has created in her head.) The teenager was tsking at the adults...what kind of upside down world is that?

As a Twilight fan, I really enjoyed the movie. I don't think most twi-hards like Laura liked it because the movie didn't do the book justice. I do admit the movie has its many flaws: bad acting, stilted dialogue, cheesy effects, etc. But what I loved about the movie is that it brought the book to life. You can see the people that you came to know and the story that moved you. You knew what the characters were thinking and feeling even though it wasn't perfectly portrayed on screen. You felt the love between Bella and Edward when others thought it was not believable. So that is why I liked this movie and will watch it over and over again.


Laura said...

Haha. You wrote this one well. :]

And yes, I do tsk you. Friggin school girls! It's sickening!!

PS. Your gag reminds me of my maid of honor speech.

Tara said...

Thanks, Laura. I try.

I tried to keep my giggling to a minimum last night so as to escape ridicule and mockery by the boys. Hehe.

Vanessa said...

Twi-hards. HA. Good one. I have YET to see it. There is no Blockbuster near me and the Red Box keeps selling out...WTH.. don't Hawaiian tourists have better things to do than rent movies?? I was about to buy it in Walmart the other day, but Kevin was giving me a scathing glare.. like "oh no you're not"

Tara said...

You're missing out! Haha. I can burn it for you and mail it over. I'll include some home videos as well, i.e. "The Psychic."