Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Taurana or Launara or Tilara?

I don't get why the media must do this with celebrity couple's names? And by "this," I mean combining their names to create a monstrosity. Argh! I hate it. It's so stupid. Who the heck started this? And why have the lemmings followed? Thank goodness not every Hollywood couple has a nickname. But it's enough to be annoying. And how do they decide who are "special" enough to get a nickname. Maybe they have to be a so-called power couple like "Tomkat" and "Brangelina." Terrible names btw! I think it all started with Bennifer. Do you remember that? Curse you, "Bennifer." Technically, now that Ben Affleck is married to Jennifer Garner, they can still be called Bennifer, right?

This practice has spread like wildfire. I have even heard nicknames for TV couples. My personal favorite...Logan and Veronica from Veronica Mars are called "LoVe." Kinda cute, right? And Lost has Skate--the coupling of Sawyer and Kate. Not so much. And then recently, NPH was quoted talking about "Robarney." No no no no no no!

Anyway, for funzies, I combined the three sisters' names and came up with my own "offsprings." Which one do you like the most? Comment, peeps! I personally like Tilara. Haha! I'm going to name my first child that. Awesome!


Laura said...

I like Launara the best because it's basically my name with a "na" in it and Laura is the basis of the name. And tina is only represented by the letter "n". Haha Tina got pwnt.

Tara said...

Of course, you would pick that name. Tina is represented by "na," dopey, and "ra" is from my name, not yours. So egocentric.

Tina said...

How about Tinaura? My whole name's in it! HA! And what does pwnt mean? Sorry not down with the lingo!

Tara said...

"Pwnt" is a stupid word they use in the online world. It started with "owned," and then people would mistype and type a "p" instead of an "o." Then it became it's own word. Yeah, dumb, I know.