Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Treasure Trove of Memories

I found a treasure trove at my mom's house tonight! Home videos! When we were younger, we used to love making home videos. We have videos dating back to 1989!! Can you believe that? Laura wasn't even born yet. Sigh...those were the days. ;) Our first video camera was those giant ones that fit a whole VHS. You had to rest it on your shoulder when taping. Haha! So you can imagine how big it was. Tina, my little brother and I would pull out the video camera every so often and just tape random things that we were doing that day. So there are a lot of videos of us at home (usually during the summer) sitting around and basically doing nothing. However, among the many hours of tape, there'd be nuggets of pure hilarity...or at least, we thought they were funny. I can't wait to watch them all. That's exactly what I plan to do.

And that is not even the best part!! The whole thing came up because I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to convert all of our home videos to DVDs. Turns out my wonderful mother happened to buy the software and converter recently but just never figured how to use it. In comes me. Yay! So I brought a whole bunch of tapes home with me. My mom is going to dig up more. Now I can make copies upon copies, and everyone can enjoy them. I am so excited!

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Vanessa said...

In a moment of weakness (or stupidity), didn't you show me and Chris one of these videos??? I vaguely remember a dancing Tina or Tara, doing the Running Man or McHammer dance. Oh how we laughed.