Thursday, February 5, 2009

Birthday Parties: Love 'em or Hate 'em?

I went to my niece's birthday party this weekend and it was great. My sister-in-law went all out and I know my daughters had a great time. Honestly, once you have kids I think there is no escape from hosting birthday parties and I mean the ones that are themed with games and favors and the whole nine yards. I know Tara really, really doesn't want to have huge parties for when she finally has kids, and it's one of her many pet peeves. (She hates themed parties.) First of all if you love your kids, you're gonna want to throw parties for them. She might be able to hold off for a few years, but eventually it's gonna catch up to her. Her kids will whine and ask, "Why does Susie get to have a Princess party and I don't?" And she will give in, oh yes, she will give in. Fortunately the time will come when her kids will be too old for themed parties, but then at that age birthday parties will be the least of your problems. =)


Laura said...

YAY! You posted! I was so confused. I assumed Tara posted then it referred to Tara in third person and I was like who's a what? And also the tone was different than Tara's.

Tara keeps telling people about our blog and I didn't even get the art up yet! Now i feel more pressed for time because our page isn't exactly pretty yet! I'll try to start it tomorrow!

Tara said...

I added a pic for you. Do you like it? If not, free feel to change it.

As to your topic, hate it! Well, hate it as a future parent but don't mind it as an invitee. Good topic, Tina!