Saturday, February 28, 2009

Watch E.T. Again!

Yesterday was movie night with my girls and we borrowed E.T. from the library. I haven't watched the movie since its release back in the 1980's. And I didn't jump on the bandwagon when it was re-released, because I didn't remember loving the movie when I was little. Then again I think I was only like 3 or 4 years old. Well, after watching the movie again I really enjoyed it and it might actually be close to being one of my favorites. It reminded me of the movies back in the 1980's, ya know those feel-good family movies. I feel like family movies nowadays aren't like they used to be. Moviemakers try to draw in adults to watch kid movies with high-tech graphics and inappropriate jokes that kids don't get. In my opinion, E.T. is pretty sophisticated, at least tech-wise, for an old movie. But it doesn't feel like an old movie. That's why it can stand the test of time. You all know what E.T. is about, but if you haven't watched it for the last two decades, I recommend watching it again. I barely remembered what happened in the movie, so it almost felt like a new movie to me.


Tara said...

I WILL! Your title made me want to use an exclamation point!

Laura said...

O M G. Tina blogged. Yeah, ill watch it! :]

NOw go watch the movies i've reviewed!!!

Laura said...