Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Dark Knight Has a Potty Mouth

Turns out Christian Bale can be one mean SOB. A tape turned up today with Bale cursing out a cinematographer during the filming of his new movie, Terminator Salvation, with Bryce Dallas Howard. Supposedly during a scene, the cinematographer walked onto the set behind Howard in Bale's line-of-sight, which is a big no-no. Bale totally went off on him. Click here for some of the dialogue on the tape.

I am one of those people who become disenchanted with celebrities when I hear stuff like this. Am I being too harsh? Don't all people have bad days? Isn't everyone entitled to a pass? Maybe it's that these stories completely validate the stereotypes we have about stars--big-egos and self-important. I guess I'll forget about it soon because really...who cares?

Little tidbit about Bale: He is NOT English! Did anyone know that? He is just proficient at accents and keeps an accent all through filming and even during promotions for the movie. So tricky...

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