Friday, February 6, 2009

Serenity: Best TV Show Turned Movie

Here I go again, talking about Joss Whedon. But he really is a TV genius. I recently watched the entire series of Firefly, which consist of only one season cut short by cancellation. I admit when I first started watching it, I wasn't completely hooked. I mean come on, the show is about outer space and cowboys--not two things I am usually interested in. But then the show got to me, and I came to love the characters especially Mal, the Captain. Also, in the future, everyone speaks Chinese! I actually was able to understand some of it, but most of the time it sounded like gibberish.

Here is the best part. Because I was so late in the game, I didn't have to wait for the movie. Right after I finished watching Firefly, I rented Serenity. I laugh at those who had to suffer for two years hoping and waiting for a Firefly movie. I didn't have to wait long at all.

Serenity was beyond fantastic. It is the best adaptation of a TV show because Serenity had the same cast, same writer, and same director. Perfect! Serenity basically continues where the show left off. It addresses several of the questions left unanswered like why is River so special, what are the reavers, and does Simon and Kaylee finally hook up? Although we don't know what happens between Mal and Inara. The storyline was great and didn't feel rushed or forced. I think most of the elements were actually supposed to be in the show if it had lasted longer. Oh, and the gag reel on the DVD is so funny. Nathan Fillion is pretty gosh darn cute.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! Just 4 years late! Are you going to watch Dollhouse? It's new and it starts this Friday!

Tara said...

Weird, I just posted on Dollhouse before I saw your comment. We are mystically connected, Anonymous.