Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy 100th Post Day!

We reached 100 today! 100 posts, that is. In acknowledgment and celebration of our hundredth post, the 3 Sisters present you with poems for funzies. I got the idea because I love reading story poems to Tina's daughter. I think they are really fun to read. I don't think Tina's daughter particularly likes them because they are a bit hard to follow and understand. I hope you enjoy our poems anyway.


Welcome to our blog.
We are your host.
Today you are viewing
our 100th post.

What an event!
It's time to look back
to the beginning,
So go grab a snack.

On one fateful night,
Tara had a vision.
This is what led
to her decision.

She called her sisters
to share the news.
Their responses were
hisses and boos.

However, Tara could
not be thwarted
Even though
her sisters snorted.

"Let's start a blog,"
she exclaimed.
"The 3 Sisters Blog
is what it'd be named."

"Laura, you can write
about music and art."
"Tina, I'll think of
ideas to start."

Finally, we began
to see eye to eye.
It was intriguing
that, they could not deny.

That is the story
of this blog, indeed.
So please stay
and continue to read.


'Twas the night during school,
when I heard Tara say
that a blog we shall start
the very next day.

My heart a'pounding
and my forehead all sweat.
In a blink of an eye,
I began a nervous fret.

I am too young, I told myself,
to lose all my friends.
What an outcast I'll be!
Then I thought, "Oh, that depends..."

No one was to know of my
sick, newfound habit.
So I hid in my hole and
secretly blogged like a rabbit.

And I must admit
these 100 posts have been fun.
And it's all thanks to
Tara that we had begun.


What a big event!
We made it to one hundred.
But no thanks to me.


Tara said...

I like it when Laura is in her rabbit hole. =)

Phil said...

What a wonderful day
my 3 sisters,
engage in horseplay,
where you ask?

On the 3 sisters blog
After reading it
you might be in a fog
but do not fret

You'll be happy
those 3 sisters met!