Saturday, September 19, 2009

Eek Bugs!

Since moving farther out into the suburbs, we have encountered bugs we have never seen before. I don't know where the hell they come from. I hate bugs. They freak me out. I do this weird double scream when I see a particularly nasty one. (Huz calls it my machine gun scream. Tehe.) I can't help it. It's involuntary.

This past week was like the Plagues of Egypt at my house. Last weekend, we had a run in with a giant spider and two huge black crickets while hanging out in the basement. Huz got rid of them for me. He's my hero. Then last night I had the most disturbing bug encounter. We recently found out that we have an ant problem. I left a pizza box sitting on the floor for a couple weeks for recycling. That's how it started. It is not that bad. We don't have tons of ants crawling around, usually just one or two in my kitchen. For days, I would scour the floor looking for them. Recently, I didn't see any more. I thought they were gone. So I stopped checking for them. Boy, was I very very wrong.

I popped popcorn last night and sat to watch TV. After getting seconds, I was done eating and went to put the bowl in the sink. That was when I saw a lone ant in my bowl. Eek!! WTF! After I killed it, I turned my dining room light on and was checking the floor for any wandering ants. At this point, I was pretty grossed out and a little on edge. My turtle whose tank is in the dining room was swimming frantically when he saw me--a sign he was hungry. I tried to get my mind off the ant-in-my-food thing, so I decided to feed him. I have these tiny dried shrimps that I give him. I opened the lid, and there on the inside lid was a swarm of tiny crawling mites. OMG! My life flashed before my eyes. Then I screamed bloody murder and threw the whole container on the floor. If you thought I was freaked out earlier... I was a wreck now. I couldn't calm down for a while. I never turn the light on when I feed my turtle. So how long were those bugs there? I have been feeding my turtle the dried shrimp for months. Ack! I don't even want to think about it.

Huz looked at the container after I dropped it and only saw a few mites. Not like how I had described it. When I think back on it, I still imagine something out of a horror movie where a thousand bugs was on that turtle food lid. Even blogging about it is making my skin crawl. I am officially traumatized.


Laura said...

Haha. Once in a while a bug will make me "machine-gun" scream also. My friend makes fun of me. :[ Its usually if the bugs on me. Uck.

Vanessa said...

Me too! I've killed so many bugs recently, I can't keep track. A cockroach strolled along the carpet while I was watching TV one day...water bugs in my bathroom.. ants in my sink this morning. Yeck. We just laid down a bunch of Combat bombs..take that bugs!!!

Tara said...

Vanessa, it's like we're the same person!! But seriously, can't the bugs just stay outside? We should have some sort of agreement with them. We'll stay inside and keep out of their way, if they keep out of ours.