Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Cookie Knows Stuff

Tonight we went out to a Chinese restaurant for dinner with Huz's family. On the way home is this diner that has awesome carrot cake. So I told Huz that I wanted to pick one up after dinner. I was looking forward to it and even mentioned it to Huz when dinner was about over. Then at the end of our meal, we got fortune cookies. I picked one from the pile, and the fortune read, "A nice cake is waiting for you." Holy sh%#! How'd the fortune cookie know? It was so friggin' weird. This fortune is epic! It may be better than the one that I got a few years ago that said "You'll make a good lawyer."

A carrot cake WAS waiting for me. And it WAS nice. It was so polite and asked me how I was doing. Haha! It was yummy too! See the fortune below. Freaky, ain't it?