Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Am My Mother's Daughter

When I was younger, I wanted to be like my mother. I strove to be like her actually. She is well-educated and a successful business woman. She is her own boss and is a really good one too. She is independent and could do anything. She sets her mind to something, and things got accomplished. I wanted to be like that.

Then out of nowhere, I've found I've become her. I didn't even have to try. Growing up, I didn't let being a girl get in my way. I thought and knew that girls can do anything that boys can do. I adopted this feminist mentality without even knowing it. Only years later did I realize that I got it from my mother. However, she didn't tell me "girls can do anything." She showed me. She actually did anything and everything.

Since I was 17, she treated me like an equal. Perhaps she saw herself in me before I did. She talked to me like an adult. She asked me for advice. So I assumed that role...assumed the responsibilities of being an adult. I am who I am today because of her.

Like my mother, I am very independent. I have no patience with other people. If I can do it myself, I usually do. In that way, I am self-reliant too. I depend on myself. My mother is the same way. She rarely asks me or anyone for help. If she does ask, and it takes too long, she would sooner do it herself. I know how she feels because I am exactly like her. So I often have to remind myself to ask her if she needs help. No one can do everything alone. Not even me. Like my mother, I recognize my own flaws...and try to better myself every day.

My mother is a strong woman. I am a strong woman. She is reliable, and I am reliable. My mother is accomplished. I want to be accomplished. I am my mother's daughter.


Laura said...

That's sweet and very (or should i say 'velly?') true! You already are accomplished ya bozo. But I guess being a successful lawyer isn't enough for you. Nooo, you have to go out and try to publish a book or two or have galleries of your photographs. Pshh..

Tara said...

You're a big ol' velly!

Haha! I'll sound conceited if I said I was accomplished. It is only something you can say about other people. Am I right? Oh, and I need to publish my book first!

Vanessa said...

Aww, that was a nice tribute to your mom. You should show it to her so she knows how you feel about her :o) But you don't give yourself enough credit.. "I didn't even have to try"... YES you did.. you worked very hard to get where you're at.. and I'm so proud of you for that :o)