Friday, September 11, 2009

Lucky 13

My husband (to whom I will refer as Huz from now on) and I have been married for only two years, but we've been together for 13 years today. Lucky 13. You probably noticed that today is September 11 too. Thirteen years ago, both Huz and I were away at college and over 300 miles apart. After a great summer together hanging out as friends, we confessed our intense "like" for each other over e-mail. Haha. Romantic, isn't it? Years later, he is still the love of my life.

I don't take what we have for granted. I appreciate everything about him, even the little things. Like when he tries not to laugh at my weird antics. But I always see his cute boyish grin creeping up. Then I demand that he admit I am funny.

He hates wasting food and throwing what he thinks is perfectly good food away. However, I've found that he always saves food for me in case I would want it later. He continues to do it even though the food usually goes bad and has to be thrown out.

He lets me complain about my whiny voice. It's really quite annoying.

He remembers all my pet peeves and goes out of his way to do them all. For instance, I hate when he takes up all the space in the bed. And he'll purposely scoot onto my side as soon as I get in. It drives me mad.

I love him for all those things and more. Happy Anniversary, Huz.


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Tara said...

Well said.

Tina said...

Whenever September 11 rolls around, first I think of 9/11, then I think of Tara and Wil's anniversary. I was wondering if you guys still acknowledged it. Well, Happy 13th!

Kim said...

congratulations! but you forgot to mention that YOU didn't really confess your intense like for him over email....someone else did it for you and then you waited on pins and needles for his response! i witnessed the moment you two became a couple! that's what i'll never forget. ;)