Monday, September 21, 2009

Carmen's Drawing of My Turtle

Whenever Carmen gives me a drawing, it usually has a turtle in it. She associates me with turtles and proclaims them as my favorite animal. She knows I have a pet turtle who she loves to feed whenever she is over. I went over to Tina's house the other day and saw this picture stuck to the fridge. Apparently, Carmen drew it for me but liked it too much to give it away. It's my turtle in his tank, and Carmen is feeding him. See her lil head poking out at the top and saying "hehe." Underneath the turtle tank is two kinds of turtle food. The containers say shrimp and pellets. Haha! She puts so much detail in her art work. It is adorable!


Laura said...

Haha. I think it's funny when I notice little things she's adopted from me like in this one she put the little word bubble that says "hehe". It always surprises me that she notices these little things I do. I especially love when she copies something I've done and changes it and makes it more her own.

Kate said...

Thats so cute!

Kate x

Tara said...

She gave me a recipe box that she drew on. I was watching her draw what I thought was a chubby guy with a chef hat. Turns out it was a turtle standing up and wearing a chef hat. Haha. She is so cute.

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turtle drawings said...

WOW its a beautiful turtle:) and you had made it yourself that's more interesting. I love to draw turtles but i never tried making myself else i always tried it in graphics, but after seeing yours i am gonna try it definitely.
Great job. Just keep it up:)