Saturday, December 19, 2009

Procrastination Is the Christmas Way

Ah. Christmas is almost upon us. It's the time of year for joy and love. But also a time for major procrastination. Droves of people were planning on hitting the malls and stores this weekend. But what they didn't plan for was...mounds of snow to stop them! A fuggin' blizzard. The biggest one in ever. WTF! Doesn't Mother Nature know that we need to shop!? That Christmas is almost here?

Knowing that we were getting lots of snow today, Huz and I went to Target at 11p last night. A lot of people did the same. Target was friggin' crowded at midnight. Haha. I had to buy my little niece's birthday present, and her party was supposed to be today. Tehe. And I had to pick up giftcards and holiday cards for our staff at work. Done and done.

But we didn't get the most important thing. A shovel!

Instead, we woke up today at 11a and went out in search of one. We tried three places, and each place had run out. Also, at each place and at the exact same time, there were three other people looking for shovels too. Haha. We weren't even the only dummies who waited the last possible minute to buy a shovel.

I'll also like to note that we have lived at our house for three winters, and we still don't have a shovel. How the hell is that possible?

As a last resort, we bought a small flat shovel from Home Depot. It's going to be fun shoveling our cars out tomorrow. Note the sarcasm.

Damnit, why'd we procrastinate!?!

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