Monday, December 14, 2009

"We Are Individuals!"

This is dedicated to Tina, my twin.

It's our birthday week! (Yes, we get a week.) Woohoo! Two little precious twins were born 31 years ago. (Man, we are old!)

When people find out that I'm a twin, the first thing they always say is "I wish I had a twin!" Usually, I politely smile and nod. But inside I am thinking "yeah, sucks to be you!" Because having a twin is pretty much the awesomest thing ever!

Laura wishes she was our triplet. Honestly, she just wants our remarkably good looks. Haha.

What is it like being a twin? People ask me that all the time. I usually get several other questions like: Does she feel your pain? Can you read each others' mind? Who is the evil twin? The dumbest one is still: Do you guys have the same birthday? Well, yeah...that's the point!

Having a twin is having a built-in best friend who knows you, loves you unconditionally, and is always always there for you. Tina has always been those things to me and more. For the longest time (before we had our own families), she was the first person who supported me, defended me, and cared for me. So I can't help loving the friggin' woman!

Yeah, it's true that I always had to share everything with her, including my birthday and my cake. =p And sometimes people assume we are the same person. Ahem, Laura!! We are individuals damnit! People always buy us the same exact gifts. Ahem, Laura, again. And people always group us together like "we" said something or "we" did something when clearly only one of us had. I don't have to say it again. But when I say "people," I basically mean Laura. (She is a bad bad triplet.)

But it is totally worth it. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Oh, and by the way, if you were wondering, I am the evil twin. Muhahahaha!


Tina said...

Thanks Tara. Happy Birthday to you too! You are the best person I know. Personally I think people are better off for knowing Tara. I love you sis and I'm the luckiest twin in the world.

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Tara and Tina! and yes tina...people are better off for knowing tara...and tina too! hope you guys have a great birthday!!!

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

are you identical? Do you try to outhot each other?

Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Birthday! See, I don't treat you as one person and only say it once! I admit the only reason I became friends with you two was so I could say the words "My best friends are twins!". Hey if I can't be a twin, it's the next best thing :oP Hehe, I kid, I kid. I love you two and wish you the happiest 31st bday :o) *I wrote 32nd bday in that comment I deleted..I couldn't leave it like that..haha"

Anonymous said...

so who's arnold and who's danny diveto?


Laura said...

I bloody hate you.

And when I say 'you' I'm referring to both of you but I didn't think I needed to clarify because you guys are the same person.

Tara said...

Tina--See! You ARE the good twin. So nice to me all the time.

Kim--I know you are being sarcastic.

MODG--Yes, we are identical. We always try to outhot each other...and we BOTH always win. Haha.

Nessa--32?? Really? You wish. And thanks for the two "Happy Birthdays." We appreciate it. Our own little sister forgot our birthday today! We didn't even get one from her!

Anonymous--Took me awhile to get your joke! You dork. I guess I'm Danny Devito, because I am the delinquent.

Laura--You little witch!! You are going to get it!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday! Ha ha I love the good vs evil twin comparison!

Kate x

Sarah P said...

Happy birthday to you, too! We're the same age.

I have a special place in my heart for twins because my babes are twins.

You're lucky to be twins! Happy birthday to both of you!

Tara said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Sarah P, I really wish I have twins in the future. You're so lucky!!