Sunday, December 13, 2009

Team Jacob

I need to clarify. I'm Team Jacob with short hair, not with the long wig thingee.

I know I am late with my review of New Moon, but I just watched it yesterday. I don't like being the first to watch a movie. I like being the last, okay? =p

Here is my review in three words. I. Heart. Jacob. Laura even admitted that she's Team Jacob, but only when it comes to the Twilight movies. She despises Robert Pattinson. Otherwise, she is Team Edward through and through.

All three of us went to watch New Moon last night. It was definitely fun watching it with both Tina and Laura because we are all huge fans of the books. And it's just fun when we are together. Laura and I were laughing at Bella's bad acting and Jasper's pained look. Tina yelled at us a lot, saying "You are ruining this for me!" I got all giddy when half-naked Jacob came on screen, and Laura laughed at my goofy expressions. Tina asked "Where's Edward?" a lot and "Is Jacob going to be naked in the whole movie?" I had to remind her that was part of the book. Garsh. So all in all, it was a great movie watching experience.

I wouldn't say New Moon is the best movie in the world. But I really loved it. It followed the book fairly closely. Taylor Lautner is awesome as Jacob Black. I am Team Jacob all the way, baby.


Here are my top ten likes:
10. The effects are so much better this time around.
9. Aro and Jane
8. Bella and Jacob's banter about whom is older (It was in the book. So cute!)
7. Jacob climbing up to Bella's window (Hotness!)
6. The scene where Bella first saw Jacob turn into a werewolf (Awesome!)
5. Mike and Jacob with their palm up in the theater (Haha!)
4. Bella looks really pretty in this movie!
3. Werewolf Jacob
2. Almost-kisses between Bella and Jacob (Sigh.)
1. Half-naked Jacob (for obvious reasons)

Here are my top ten dislikes:
10. Half-naked Jacob (Makes me feel like a dirty dirty old woman.)
9. Bella and Jacob carrying on a normal conversation immediately after Bella friggin' jumped off a cliff! I'd be like "What the hell were you doing, you stupid stupid girl!?"
8. Mike and Jessica (for obvious reasons)
7. Bella telling Jacob that he's buff (Totally forced.)
6. Edward floating in the water next to Bella (Just weird.)
5. Bella and Edward kissing (Horny Bella. Nuff' said.)
4. "Pain." - said by Jane (Why?!)
3. Bella acting the same in every situation - a lot of huffing and puffing. I don't get it.
2. Bella's orgasmic reactions whenever she sees visions of Edward (Get a room!)
1. Bella screaming into her pillow in her sleep - she did it like five times! (Horrible acting.)


Tina said...

I always love your lists, because I'm awed by your memory (it's like you take notes when we're not looking) and because of how true they are. And stop picking on Edward. I should do a Team Edward blog.

Vanessa said...

I was wondering when this blog post was coming! Team Jacob..yeah!! I so do not have a half-naked pic of him as my phone wallpaper. Cmon, he's 17. That would be illegal.

Laura said...

I like how half-naked Jacob is in both lists.

But I would also like to point out that there wasn't enough werewolf in this film. The point of this book was to really get to know the wolf pack and the dynamics of their tribe and how different they are from the Cullens, but it was really lacking in this movie.

But, uh, yeah. I'm not a Twihard or anything.. Uhh.. Cough.. Don't tell anyone!

Tara said...

Haha! Thanks, Tina! You didn't see me pull my notepad out during the movie? I wrote everything down. Yeah, you should do a Team Edward post...and Laura and I can booooo it. =p

Vanessa, I know you live for my movie reviews! And you are such a perv!

Laura, you are worst than anyone here. Coughing won't hide your shame.