Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Typographic Compositions

So in Typography, I had to take either a poem or a song and take the display text, the body text, and an icon that I could create to go with the song/poem and create 3 compositions. In the first composition, I had to made the icon the most prominent thing. In the second, the display text was the be the most prominent. And in the third, the body text. Of course, I chose a children's poem.

We were allowed to choose any typeface for the display text and for the body text we were only allowed to choose Garamond, Bodoni, Futura, Univers, Meta, or Optima. I chose American Typewriter for my display text because it's very childish and bold. I chose Univers for my body text because it had a nice rhythmic quality that really expressed my poem the best. I illustrated everything myself. I used Adobe Illustrator for all of them.

Someone in class said that they recognized my pieces right away. My teacher described these compositions as "Vintage Laura designs: cute, intellegent, and clean!" That really made my day. My teacher said I should write and illustrate children's books, and I was totally excited because that's what I dream to do!

I got an A! :)


Tara said...

They are adorable. I especially like the last one. Very cute.

Vanessa said...

Ooo, great compliment from your teacher that your designs are "cute, intelligent, clean". I enjoy seeing all your class projects...keep posting them :o)

malou said...

I love, love, love these! Have you considered sending them to a publisher or something? You totally should! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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