Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This Is for My Homies

Tina and I have two best friends who happen to be cousins--Chris and Vanessa. We've known them since high school. So that would be about fifteen years of happy times. We four were the core. Boyfriends would come and go (and eventually stay and join the group), but the four of us stuck together.

We all went to different colleges. So we made sure to tear it up the summer before. We went everywhere together and had a blast. Like all good things, summer came to an end. Tears were shed. Good-byes were reluctantly said. Then off to college we went. It was hard to keep in touch during school. We were all so busy trying to make friends and to have the full college experience. We saw each other during breaks of course. But they were never long enough.

The early years with Vanessa and Chris were great. But they can't compare to when we all finally came back home! That was the f*$%ing best! Reunited and it feels so good.

The most important thing was...we were legal, baby! Meaning drinking, lots of drinking. But also lots of trips. Because we had money. We were no longer kids and could do whatever we wanted. It was awesome!

We were a really tight group (and still are). Chris even came up with a name for us. It was more of a joke but kinda stuck for several years there. I remember exactly when and how we got our name. We were making fun of Huz's brother and how his group of friends had a name...Cru Luv. Haha. Awesome, isn't it? We had a few laughs at their expense. What? Did they think they were a gang?? Haha.

Then of course we had to have a name for ourselves too! I remember we were swimming in my mom's pool that day. Chris made it up while we were stewing in the hot tub. Our name became Aznsoup. Back then Asians added "Azn" in front of everything. So the name was pretty much perfect.

Soon Tina started having babies, then Vanessa moved to New York, and then Chris and I started grad school. Gone were the days of constant boozing, late nights, and sleepovers. But there was one thing we could count on. That we always came together during the holidays.

However, this year, Vanessa moved thousands of miles away to Hawaii. And because of her, we have to break our tradition. =( Each year for the past seven years, we held a potluck Christmas dinner where we exchanged pollyanna gifts. But for our pollyanna, we had to make our gifts. After all that practice, we had gotten really good at it. We've made ornaments, magnets, artwork, and candles, just to name a few. They were actually really impressive. We are freakin' talented!

Sadly, we won't be doing it this year. Vanessa has forever ruined Christmas 2009 for Aznsoup!!! Wahhh!

But we still love her. =p


Vanessa said...

Uhoh.. that Vanessa doesn't sound like a very good friend :oP I think you should drop her.

We'll always have the years 2000-2002!! Those were the best. Remember how I would just show up at your (mom's) house with my stuff "Oh yeah, can I stay over tonight?" Going to raves, drunken nights (fireball!), grilled cheese sandwiches... the list goes on.

Oh I think we should create a memory book of all our past Christmases (and the gifts). We should take pics of all the stuff we gave each other. We're all really creative!

But, but, AZN soup lives on!!! I'll be back soon ;o)

Tara said...

You're the weakest link. Good-bye. Hehe.

Yeah, I miss the good times. But we are always making new and awesome memories. ;)

Aznsoup forever!!

CAviso said...

Woo Hoo! Aznsoup forever!!

We'll have to come up with new christmas tradition, like Christmas under the sea or Christmas costume contest! Winner gets all the gifts!