Thursday, December 24, 2009

The 3 Sisters Christmas Song

Here is a Christmas song just for you from us. You can sing along here. Merry Christmas, everyone!!


Have a holly jolly Christmas!
We've been blogging through the year.
We don't know all our readers though,
But have a pint of beer.
Have a holly jolly Christmas!
We'll walk by you on the street.
On this blog we're friends you know
and who cares if we never meet.

Oh ho, friend or foe.
Hanging around the tree.
Somebody cares for you.
It's the sisters three.
Have a holly jolly Christmas!
Thanks for following, my dear.
Oh by golly have a holly jolly Christmas this year!


Laura said...

It got stuck in my head all morning you bastard! But I'm sure you were happy to hear me sing it.

Tara said...

Hellz yeah! It was awesome seeing you walk down the stairs singing "oh ho friend or foe..." Haha! You're so cool.

txtingmrdarcy said...

I loved this, Ladies! :) Adorably clever. Keep up the fun blogging into 2010! I will definitely enjoy a pint!

Tara said...

Thanks!! You keep up the blogging too...and the drinking. Hehe.