Monday, December 21, 2009

Kettle Corn

We had our departmental holiday dinner last week where we did the white elephant exchange. I was stressed about it because I wanted to make up for my lousy present from last year--a shower radio. Apparently, it wasn't as cool as I thought it was. Also, everyone was doing a lot of trash-talking this year, saying theirs were going to be the best. My one co-worker had ordered her present several weeks in advance and kept talking up her gift. After much debate, I ended up getting the gumball machine, and it was a hit! Yay! And my trash talking co-worker got totally owned because two other people actually had the same gift--a snuggie! Haha. I admit that it's not a bad gag gift, but it was unfortunately very unoriginal. Too bad for her. She'll just have to redeem herself next year and make sure to zip it! ;)

Well, I ended up with the West Bend Crazy Stir popcorn popper. I was at first hesitant to steal it because it's kinda bulky. And I really don't have any room in my kitchen. And I really don't need a popcorn popper or another kitchen appliance for that matter. But I am so glad I got it because I can make kettle corn!

Okay, I have to admit that I am a big fraud. I've never had real kettle corn from a fair or carnival. I only tried it recently pre-made. But the kettle corn I make with my popper is still pretty good.

I just throw in oil, sugar, and kernels and turn it on. In a few minutes, popcorn is popping before my very eyes.
Soon the dome is filled with popcorn. I add a few dashes of salt and get homemade kettle corn in just minutes.
I've already made it four times. Isn't it neat? I really do love stuff like this. It's different, fun, and entertaining. Well, it is for me, at least.


Anonymous said...

i've tried some creative recipes from people that make their own popcorn. you can do a lot with it. go look up some recipes.


Tara said...

Really? Can you find them for me!? If you do, I'll make it for you. Hehe.