Monday, December 7, 2009

Laura's Love Letter

Whenever my friends and I visit each others' rooms, we like to make the visitors create something for us to put up on our walls. Usually we draw each other things or cut out a snowflake, but this time I thought I'd do something different. Instead, I wrote her a love letter. I thought it was pretty silly and wasn't bad considering I wrote it on paper and wasn't able to backspace.


To the love of my life,

My day is gray and cloudy
so sad and empty 'til I
hear my love; she's so rowdy.
I love your beautiful hair.
At your face, forever I can stare.
Oh, Kirsten, how I love thee.
I stare at thee whilst thou watches Glee.
Your beautiful lips of rose petal red.
I stroke thou lips whilst thou in bed.
Oh, Kirsten, how I love thee.
I only wish thou would notice me.
Her wondrous blue-green eyes that sparkle.
I passionately sketch them in charc(-o)le.
I leave traces of my hair in her food.
Doing this lightens my mood
knowing that a part of me
is inside thee
used as protein
for thou energy.
Oh, Kirsten, how I love thee.

With Obsession,
You Secret Admirer xoxo


Tara said...

You guys are so weird. Protein? Ewww...

Beverly Tin-Tin Wong said...

hahahha oh, im laughing at the fact that i don't have one.