Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You Know What I Mean?!

I read or heard somewhere that people communicate more effectively with strangers than with close friends because, with close friends, people say fewer words to express themselves or don't feel like they have to explain themselves.

My sisters and I are a prime example. We are the worst communicators on the planet. We just assume we all have telepathic abilities, and, when a thought enters into one of our minds, it goes into all. We have found out, on more than one occasion, that that just isn't the case. But we never ever learn our lesson. I don't think we ever will.

However, I do have to admit that sometimes Tina or Laura just have to give me a look, and I totally know what they are saying. That happened this past weekend. Laura looked at me, and I just said "I know." She tried to say more, but it wasn't necessary. Booyah. Yes, I am THAT good.

However, other times, I would stare and stare at them, and they wouldn't friggin' get my message! My mind is saying "Look at me. Understand me now! Why aren't you looking at me goddamnit?" Then later I'll yell at them for not listening!

In the same vain, a lot of times, important information is withheld for whatever reason from one sister...usually Laura. Hehe. Tina and I just assume she knows. Or that the other twin has told her. Or if I tell Tina something, that information will somehow find its way to Laura. However, sometimes it doesn't find its way to Laura. And then Laura is sad.

Last summer, we decided to go to Atlantic City to shop and gamble. Yes, I realize Laura is underage, which is why Tina and I discussed that we should all dress up. Particularly Laura so she could look a little older. Well, she didn't bring a change of clothes! She of course picked an outfit that made her look even younger. Why didn't she know? She kept crying that no one tells her stuff. Boo freakity hoo.

I refuse to admit it is in any way shape or form my fault. We are all victims here. Victims of circumstance. Right? Right? If we communicated effectively, then we might as well be strangers. Strangers!

Okay, fine. Perhaps we should try communicating better. But but but...why can't they just read my mind? It's not that hard. Argh! So frustrating...


Aunt Becky said...

Bwahahahaha! Dave and I do that, too. Not the gambling or trying to look older, because we both look about 12, but we can totally communicate without speaking. 6 years of bliss, man, I tell you.

Laura said...

Wait I dont even remember the communicative look i gave you his weekend.. was it about he-who-must-not-be-named?

Tara said...

Aunt Becky, welcome to our blog!! Love your blog!

Laura, no comment.