Sunday, May 17, 2009

Café du Monde Coffee

Only recently have I begun to appreciate the little things in life especially because most of my time is spent either at work or unconscious. Most notably, I've come to appreciate coffee on the weekends. I don't need it to keep awake or stay alert to do work. Instead, I drink my coffee leisurely and can actually enjoy its taste and aroma. I drink it to enjoy it. It's right up there with wine and a good book.

A few years ago, I discovered Café du Monde coffee. I first heard of it when my husband and I went to New Orleans for a wedding. Café du Monde is a famous coffee shop right there in the French Quarter. It is best known for its café au lait and its French-style beignets. They were selling the canisters for $12.00 a pop. So I was pretty surprised to see it back home at our local Asian market for less than $5. Turns out Vietnamese coffee is made with Café du Monde. Vietnamese coffee is a drip coffee served with condensed milk. But I keep it simple and don't make the fancy stuff with it. I just add cream and sugar, which is still awesome!

I introduced the coffee to Tina who got hooked on the stuff. And it is the only coffee we sisters make and drink at home. The coffee tastes stronger than some but is actually blended with chicory, which contains no caffeine. It's really creamy and smooth. Tina likens it to drinking chocolate. You have to drink it with plenty of cream and sugar; otherwise it is just not the same. I recommend Café du Monde coffee to everyone. You don't have an excuse not to try it because it is accessible and not just something you get in New Orleans.

Since it is Sunday, I am going to kick back and enjoy my coffee.


Laura said...

Hm, I never really thought about the coffee we drink. It kinda just appears in front of me by seemingly magical means. It appears quicker when I ring a bell or yell for it or something.

Hehe, Jk! Don't kill me.

Tara said...

Bell, eh? Oh, you are going to get hurt...although the comment is made mostly to Tina. She makes delicious coffee...yum...