Friday, May 29, 2009

The Judges of So You Think You Can Dance

The auditions are now over, and it was glorious! The season just started, but I just love it. It's been a year since the last season, and I totally forgot and am now reminded of the awesomeness that is the judges. I am totally in love with them...not all of them though, ahem, Mary. I love love love Nigel. He is such a gentleman and so gracious. He always knows the right things to say particularly in situations where he wants to let someone down gently. Last night, this wonderful contemporary dancer came to audition after almost giving up because he was constantly getting made fun of for his craft. After he performed, the judges loved him but unfortunately could not put him through because he was only 17. Nigel, the wonderful person that he is, gave the kid a ticket to Las Vegas for next season. Considering he was about to quit dancing, that was exactly what he needed. Nigel is great to watch.

I also love Mia Michaels. She is a ridiculously talented choreographer and plain blunt to the dancers. Love her! And Adam Shankman is so awesome. Last night he showed off his dancing chops by dancing the lindy hop with a contestant. So cute, and he is really good. Oh, and I love the husband and wife team, Tabitha & Napoleon. They are such a cute couple, and their dance routines are awesome. And the new judges/choreographers that came on last year are growing on me. Sonia Tayeh is so different and easily moved by great dancers. When she was judging the auditions last week, after certain great performances, she was making noises that sounded kinda dirty. Nigel made a funny comment: "For God sake's, woman, it's just dancing."Haha! Hilarious. (It's funnier in his English accent.)

Btw, I don't hate Mary. I just don't love her.

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